HERMES MVP Workshop - 2022-09-07

During RSE Conference 2022 we host a workshop to present our “minimum viable product” to a broader RSE audience and hack on further improvements.

Would be nice to meet you there!

HERMES Kickoff Workshop - 2021-11-12

In November 2021, the HERMES project ran a kickoff workshop with partner projects, stakeholders and interested parties. The event website provides general information about the workshop as well as the slides and recordings for the presentations given at the workshop:

  1. Daniel Garijo (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid): SOMEF: A Metadata Extraction Framework from Software Documentation

  2. Carlos Martinez-Ortiz (Netherlands eScience Center): Research Software Directory: past - present - future

  3. Ana Trisovic (Harvard University): The Dataverse Project - Supporting (research) code in dataset publications

  4. Sara Gonzales (Northwestern University): Powering open science and collaboration with Invenio

  5. Dorothea Iglezakis (University of Stuttgart): Handling Research Software: Projects in Stuttgart

  6. Felix Bach (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology): Code management in openCARP & publication on RADAR4KIT